What has changed in our daily life in the regulatory sandbox three years ago?

children without any restrictions
Like a playground,
Technology and technology to the fullest in a regulatory-free environment
It is a system created to showcase products.
It has been three years since the regulatory sandbox went into effect.

In the meantime, various technologies have been incorporated into our daily life.
It has permeated and improved the quality of life.

Businesses to which special regulations have been applied for the past 3 years
There are over 600 cases.
Of these, 129 cases led to actual regulatory improvement.

The service can be launched due to regulatory exceptions or improvements
Businesses increased their sales by 1 billion won,
It also created over 6 new jobs.

to improve the quality of life in the future
various innovative technologies and
Service, looking forward to it.


☞ Source: KTV Live