Mexico Water Association Weather Information System Digital Transformation

business overview

Country (trade office) Mexico (Mexico City)
Project name Mexico Water Association Weather Information System Digital Transformation
Business Category 환경
Overseas ordering company Mexico Water Resources Association, Ministry of Environment and Resources
project schedule Currently procuring resources
financing Asia Pacific Climate Change Partnership (APP) / Public tender
Scale $7,900 million
Project period Undefined

Job Description

Main Content
  • Modernization of Mexico's Weather Information Management System
    – Goal to improve efficiency through maintenance of systems related to weather forecasting, information management, and radio waves
    – Introduction of weather observation system modernization solution, radar equipment construction, radio wave line reorganization, 120 weather information system management offices
    Efficiency, management of 89 GPS stations, etc.
    – Promotion of adoption and settlement of digital information and communication technology in the field of meteorology
Reason for selection
  • Korea leads the way in the introduction and modernization of ICT systems in the field of weather observation

entry plan

opportunity factor
  • It is expected that the barrier to entry will be relatively low due to the open bidding process.
  • High reliability of Korean system
  • Lack of information in related fields and difficulties in finding local partners
local collaboration
possible company
  • The existing government-led meteorological observation system was operated, but the possibility of operation led by private companies increases in the future.
    As a related company, Rossbach Mexico (, etc., can be searched for local partners
Other notes
  • Step-by-step participation is required through contact with local state government officials and water associations.