Shandong Airport Management Group Jinan Airport 2nd Smart Complex Transportation Center Construction

business overview

Country (trade office) China (Qingdao)
Project name Shandong Airport Management Group Jinan Airport 2nd Smart Complex Transportation Center Construction
Business Category Transportation/Logistics
Overseas ordering company Shandong Airport Management Group
project schedule Undefined
financing Jinan Airport Group
Scale 4 million dollars
Project period 2022-2024

Job Description

Main Content
  • Jinan Airport 2nd expansion project currently in progress
    – The project mainly covers the T2 terminal, the west flight area (including two tracks of 3,600m length), the comprehensive transportation center and auxiliary work area;
    Includes facilities such as cargo transportation areas, missions, aviation fuel, and general control centers
    * The site area is about 1,968 million square meters, and the investment is estimated at 63 billion dollars (400 billion yuan).
    * After completion, Jinan Airport will be able to accommodate 2030 million passengers by 5,000 and meet the demand for cargo volume of 50 tons.
  • Among the plans for the second expansion of Jinan International Airport, the smart complex transportation center project is a smart transportation system that manages information such as passengers, vehicle flow, and environment.
    * The total area is about 38 square meters, and the investment is 4 million dollars (7 billion yuan).
    – After completion of the project, it is expected to become a transit platform for all means of transportation, including airplanes, high-speed rail, subways, buses, etc.
    * Terminal, high-speed rail, integrated subway transfer station, parking lot, etc., etc. In addition to the high-speed rail, it will be a section where four subway lines intersect
Reason for selection
  • The Ministry of Transport of China publishes the “action plan for building new infrastructure in the transport sector (2021-2025)” (2021.9.23)
    – “Action plan” aims to increase the efficiency, function, and energy of transportation by focusing on digitalization, networkization, and smartization
    – “Action plan” suggests seven major construction directions, including smart road construction

entry plan

opportunity factor
  • “Action plan” refers to the construction of smart comprehensive passenger terminals such as Jinan Airport, Changsha Airport, and Chongqing Dong Station, promotion of the use of e-passports, and transportation methods.
    We are in the process of distributing and linking cross-border security search and mutual recognition services.
local collaboration
possible company
Other notes
  • ICT smart companies in Korea or internationally famous airports, high-speed trains, and subways should review the technical cooperation model with Shandong Airport Group.