The third large-nim introduced by X-Large - Chapter!
Immediately! 👉 Digital SOC Center Lee Jeong-hoon Raji!

Everyone, have you heard of the Digital SOC Center?
The Digital SOC Center is a center that refines, converges, standardizes, and analyzes various road information!

In a reality where it is difficult to provide integrated information due to various industries and management entities, it makes it possible to check road information across the country at once!👍

The goal is to provide integrated road information to the private, government, and public and private sectors!
Please look forward to the digital SOC center moving forward!✨

📌 Let me introduce you to Raji and various centers who share XL thoughts!💚
We ask for a lot of anticipation and interest!

00:10 WhoㅣWho are you?
00:19 Job l Where is the SOC Center?
00:43 Motive l What motivated you to establish the Digital SOC Center?
01:24 Meaning l What does the establishment of a digital SOC center mean?
01:54 Next ㅣ What is the plan of the SOC Center?
02:38 XL ㅣ What is the SOC Center's X-Large?

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☞ Source: LXTV Land Internet Broadcasting Station (2022.04.15)