1. Purpose
ㅇ Systematically diagnose the smartization level of domestic cities and grant certifications to excellent smart cities to support the spread at home and abroad

2. Application Qualification and Certification Method
ㅇ (Eligibility to apply) Local governments (special/metropolitan cities, special autonomous cities/provinces, cities/guns/gus) can apply
– According to the size of the local government, the types are divided into large cities and small and medium cities.
* ①Major cities: Special Metropolitan City, Special Self-Governing City/Do, City / ②Small and Medium Cities: Si/Gun/Gu
* However, if the city has a population of 50 or more, it is a large city, and if it is less than 50, it is a small city.
ㅇ (authentication method) According to the certification standards, the level of smartization of local governments is evaluated into five grades, and smart city certification is granted to local governments with grade 3 or higher.
-Establishment of an evaluation committee composed of experts and conduct written evaluation and on-site inspection

3. How to apply
ㅇSubmission date: From Wednesday, August 2022, 17 to Friday, August 19, 18:00
ㅇ Place of submission: Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements Smart Space Research Center (Operating Institution)
ㅇ How to submit: Submit the official document as an electronic document, and register the following documents on the website within the deadline (if registration is difficult, submit by mail/personal mail separately)

< Documents to be submitted >
① Application for public offering (sealed by the head of the local government)
② Quantitative indicator evaluation proposal based on certification standards
③ Self-evaluation table for qualitative indicators based on certification standards
④ Evidence to prove the facts of the evaluation proposal and self-evaluation table
⑤ Other materials necessary for examination (requested by the operating organization if necessary)

4. Selection procedure and selection criteria: Refer to the competition guidelines (attached)

5. Inquiries: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Urban Economics Department (044-201-4879), Researcher Injae Yoo (044-960-0422, ijyu@krihs.re.kr), Smart Space Research Center, Research Institute for Human Settlements


☞ 2022 Smart City Certification Competition Guidelines (draft)

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