Coffee Chat where Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Won Hee-ryong meets with startup CEOs and young people in person to freely share experiences and listen to their stories!☕

✔The theme of the third episode of Coffee Chat is Mobility Service!

* What is Mobility Service? Any service that supports mobility.

Platforms that are often used in daily life, such as taxis and parking services, have already arrived in the daily lives of the people. In this Coffee Chat, presentations were made by Lee Jeong-haeng, CEO of Tada, a ride-hailing service, and Kim Dong-hyun, CEO of 'Everyone's Parking Lot', the CEO of an online parking platform. Future mobility such as changes after the Tada Ban Act, service operation lead plans, Daum business model using parking lot database, policy support plans for companies, discussions on opening idle parking spaces, and ways to resolve conflicts with existing industries due to start-up businesses We discussed what kind of effort would be required in the service sector and answered questions.

In the future, relays will be held under 8 themes such as mobility, smart construction, and smart logistics to revitalize startups.

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☞ Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport