Tour of 119 locations, including the Daegu City Disaster and Safety Situation Room and the 6 Comprehensive Situation Room

A training group of 12 civil servants, including Nguyen Quang Thanh, Director of Information and Communications Bureau of Da Nang City, Vietnam, arrived in Daegu on the 11th (Sunday) to benchmark Daegu City's urban disaster response capabilities.

〈Visit to Da Nang Civil Service Training Group〉

The training group will visit six major facilities, including the Daegu City Disaster and Safety Situation Room, 15 Dalgubeol Call Center, CCTV Integrated Control Center, 120 General Situation Room, Traffic Information Service Center, and Smart City Support Center, by the 119th (Thu) to visit Daegu City's smart city disaster response know-how. and receive specialized disaster response training conducted by the Daegu Digital Innovation Promotion Institute to develop disaster response capabilities.

The contents of professional education are national disaster safety management policy, urban disaster integrated management system operation status, emergency report integrated and joint response management system, smart city integrated platform and smart city construction technology standard introduction, digital twin technology and utilization, etc.

This visit was in accordance with the invitational training for high-ranking civil servants in Danang City as part of KOICA's ODA project, 'Establishment of Smart Integrated Urban Disaster Management Center in Danang City, Vietnam, and Reinforcement of Disaster Response Capacity'.

The training group consists of key public officials in each field for disaster response, such as information and communication, health, safety, and transportation in Da Nang City, with one director, three deputy directors, three center heads, and five deputy center heads.

On the other hand, the 'Smart Integrated Urban Disaster Management Center Establishment and Disaster Response Capability Reinforcement Project in Danang, Vietnam' will be promoted for 2021 years from November 2025 to December 4, and four companies including Winitech Co., Ltd. were in charge of the project as a consortium, Local companies, Winitech Co., Ltd. and Egis Co., Ltd., lead the business.

The contents of the project include consulting for establishing an urban disaster response system and strategy, building an integrated emergency reporting management system, and building an integrated urban disaster management system, ending with the occurrence of all disasters and disasters such as civil complaints, emergency rescue, emergency treatment, and transportation operation. It is a smart integrated information system that integrates and manages the entire process.

Daegu City Administration Mayor Kim Jong-han said, “The e-Government overseas expansion project prepared by Daegu City since 2016 is now on the right track. I hope that the urban disaster response system in Da Nang, Vietnam will be advanced and the disaster response capacity will be further enhanced.”


☞ Source: Daegu Metropolitan City