A.I(AI)-based data analysis company GeoVision (CEO Kim Yoon) is a Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) '2Grade Medical Device Manufacturing and Quality Control Standards (GMP)' certification was announced on the 20th.

GeoVision is a Korean-style critical care patient-specific big data project conducted by the Ministry of Health & Welfare AI based clinical decision support system (CDSS) development, it has been selected as a demonstrator business in the regulation-free special zone for the precision medical industry in Gangwon-do and is carrying out the project.

GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice) is a quality management system standard managed by MFDS, and is a quality management system to ensure that medical devices produced by medical device manufacturers are consistently produced with a quality that is safe, effective, and suitable for their intended use.

Yun Kim, CEO of Geovision, said, “This time GMP By the end of the year through certification acquisition AI We plan to complete the development of the base software medical device and obtain item permission,” he said. “We have AI Our goal is to contribute to helping both medical staff and patients in clinical practice through software.”


Source: Electronic Times