[E-Daily Reporter Kim Yeong-hwan] Typhoon Hinnamno, which hit the Korean Peninsula last year, caused 14 casualties in Korea alone and caused great damage, with property damage reaching 1 trillion won. Just as all objects are useless in front of a typhoon accompanied by strong rain and wind, CCTV installed for safety also becomes useless due to difficulties in securing the view.

The micro system prevents deterioration in visibility due to camera lens contamination with electronic self-cleaning glass (Drop Free Glass, DFG) technology. Even if rain or dust blocks the view of the camera, it is instantly removed so that clear images are always recorded. When a fluid such as water is buried in glass coated with electrodes and insulators, it sends an electrical signal and instantly removes the fluid with electrical vibrations. It can remove not only water, but also sticky fluids like honey.

☞ Source: Edaily