For three days from March 3 to 29, Saenun participated in the 31 World Security Expo and introduced solutions and platforms within the CCTV integrated control center to customers for smart city advancement. In particular, the best cases conducted with local governments drew a great response from customers, and created a place to promote not only bird's eye products, but also local governments.

Saenun, providing intelligent integrated control software & solution for smart city advancement
Saenun is developing service-specific software focusing on intelligent products for efficient operation of CCTV integrated control solutions. Through consulting and know-how on the establishment of an integrated control center, it is supplying and maintaining solutions to 120 local governments nationwide. In order to maximize the efficiency of the CCTV integrated control center, we develop products suitable for demand organizations and provide solutions and platforms in various fields such as transportation, safety, crime prevention, environment, and facility management through advanced AI and big data technologies in the field of image analysis. are developing progressively.

☞ Source: Security News