In order to nurture leading software (SW) companies in the city, Incheon City will provide technology advancement, domestic and international marketing, quality testing, technology/management consulting, and customized support for attracting investment.

The three regional leading companies selected for the 'Regional SW Service Commercialization Support Project', last year's Ministry of Science and ICT public contest, are eligible. With the last selection, a total project cost of 3 billion won, including 5 million won from the government, is expected to be invested.

The Ministry of Science and ICT contest project is tailored to companies whose demand is steadily increasing, such as non-face-to-face technology advancement due to COVID-19, domestic and international marketing, and investment attraction.

The three companies selected as leading companies are △Motob (mobile Edge AIoT technology, selected as 3 best cases at MWC in 2022) △Postech (Artificial Intelligence Object Recognition using IoT sensor) △Tangram Factory (smart skipping rope and education) content solution). The city supports high-growth programs such as advancing artificial intelligence technology, improving object recognition technology, and developing apps to improve learning ability.

The Incheon Technopark SW Industry Promotion Agency, the project executing agency, plans to contribute to the advancement of artificial intelligence technology of leading companies through organic linkage with the AI ​​Innovation Center's support project of data combining organizations.

In addition, we plan to actively support the three companies to grow into leading software companies in the Incheon region by supporting public relations, marketing, participation in exhibitions and fairs, and linkage support and investment attraction for successful business execution.

Meanwhile, prior to participating in the Ministry of Science and ICT's contest project, Incheon City evaluated and selected three local leading companies through its own contest for the SW convergence (AI) field. Incheon City not only responds to public offering projects together, but also fosters SW companies in its jurisdiction through various projects such as the Rising Star program, open innovation, scale-up, and fundraising.

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☞ Source: Incheon Ilbo