On the 6th, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, signed a business agreement with Spilab, an Internet of Things (IoT) artificial intelligence (AI) start-up, for the 'Autumn Bridge AI Safety Diagnosis System Innovation Technology Demonstration Project'.

In this demonstration project, a preliminary inspection is conducted through a safety diagnosis expert, and AI safety diagnosis hammering (a method of tapping the material lightly with a hammer to determine damage or defects and examining the presence or absence of defects by tapping) analysis system It is designed to analyze the effectiveness of artificial intelligence (AI) systems compared to results.

'Siheung 1988 Bridge' (located in Jeongwang-dong, Siheung-si), which belongs to the old bridge (completed in 3), was finally selected as the site for the demonstration, and SQ Engineering and Daeyoung Drone Solutions are expected to participate as partners for the demonstration project.

The 'Artificial Intelligence (AI) Safety Diagnosis System' is the first system in the country that can perform vibration-based acoustic AI analysis and AI analysis of drone images. In particular, it is expected that the AIoT RayPann solution technology, which can diagnose and predict bridge conditions or detect abnormalities, will be introduced and applied to measure bridge conditions more safely and precisely.

If the demonstration of this innovative technology brings successful results, Siheung City can detect exterior abnormalities and detect internal damages and defects that are difficult to observe with the naked eye at an early stage. It is also expected that there will be significant economic effects.

☞ Source: CWN