Daejeon Jung-gu announced on the 24th that it had signed a business agreement to build a 'Safe Jung-gu' platform at the Jung-gu Office meeting room.

The organizations that participated in the agreement are the Jung-gu Office, the Jungbu Police Station, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, and Ramirab Co., Ltd., which uses public data in the event of a disaster such as flooding, earthquake, or fire, and the location of AED (cardiac defibrillator). The public and private sectors have come together to build a system that provides the best route to safekeeping (women and children) in real time.

▲Jung-gu provides safety platform pilot operation and ideas, consultations with related departments and business promotion ▲Jungbu Police Station provides data related to crime prevention and public order (local police station location, child safety guard house, safe way home for women, etc.) and occurrence of disasters and disasters City work cooperation ▲ Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI) provides technical support for urban disaster solutions ▲ Lami Lab Co., Ltd. will build pilot services using GIS technology, such as safety evacuation routes.

Starting with this agreement, the district plans to complete the system establishment and improvement of the demonstration environment at the end of June and pilot operation in July.

Commissioner Kim Gwang-shin said, “We will take the lead in creating a safe Jung-gu through active cooperation between agencies to solve various pending issues and social problems using big data in the future.”


☞ Source: News Portal