We are conducting a recruitment announcement for “Smart City Convergence Alliance New Member Companies” as follows, so we ask for your interest.



go. Announcement name:  Smart City Convergence Alliance Recruiting new member companies


me. Application period: Regular application (online mail application: alliance@smartcity.or.kr)


all. Application Qualifications: Companies (institutions) directly or indirectly related to the smart city industry


La. Smart City Convergence Alliance Key Support Benefits
– Matching service demanders such as local governments and overseas buyers
– Provide networking opportunities for companies and local governments
– Opportunity to participate in smart city open innovation for large and small businesses
– Training and consulting support (overseas expansion, investment, law, etc.)
– Support for consortium formation by field/business (planned)


mind. Recruitment briefing session video: https://url.kr/ch24sm


bar. Contact: Win-win Cooperation Support Headquarters Win-win Cooperation Team (02-3667-3114)


buy. Documents to be submitted (required)
1) [Attachments 1,2, 1] XNUMX copy each of Smart City Convergence Alliance new membership application form and personal information consent form (submitted to hwp)
2) [Attachment 3] 1 copy of Smart City Convergence Alliance new membership application form (required).
3) [Others] 1 copy each of business registration certificate, company logo, and company introduction.


ah. note : Free membership and annual membership fee