– Contest for “29 Smart City Creation and Expansion Project” starting on the 2024th

– Select within 14 local governments to carry out the project and receive government funding worth 520 billion won

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport(Minister Park Sang-woo) citizens and businesses, 지자체Let's join forces various cities 문제solutionTo suit local characteristics, groundbreaking service“Finding and creating”2024Smart city creationExpansion business'collusioncarry out.

ㅇ This year, we will demonstrate comprehensive solutions throughout the city and create smart hubs to lead the spread of smart cities. base type, to create a leading city that responds to environmental changes such as climate crisis and regional extinction. Kang So-hyung, supporting the dissemination of excellent solutions Solution diffusion type Etc 3eggplant typesof 사업promote.


① [Creation of smart hub] Hub-type smart city

Hub-type smart citywill lead the spread of smart cities by developing and demonstrating comprehensive solutions to solve problems throughout the city. smart baseof Furtherancedoing 사업이다.

ㅇ Supporting regional specialization and industry smart infrastructurebuildand to function as a spread base. Dissemination of groundbreaking urban servicessupport

ㅇ This year, cities that can serve as smart hubs (special/metropolitan cities, special self-governing cities/provinces, cities/counties) 1placeof selectionAnd in the selected area, 3Maximum annual government expenditure 160billion won(Local ratio 1:1 matching) is planned.

ㅇ Additionally, through this project, EnterpriseUrban space tailored to local government needscan create Space regulation special casesSandboxWe also plan to support special cases of technology regulation through .


② [Creation of a specialized city in response to environmental change] Strong and small smart city

Small and strong smart citysmall and medium-sized cities are facing recent challenges such as climate crisis and local extinction. 환경Securing responsiveness to changeto achieve sustainability and competitiveness specializationCreate a leading city that integrates solutionsbusiness to do

ㅇ Creating an eco-friendly, carbon-neutral, climate disaster-zero convergence specialized city 'Climate Crisis Response’, A specialized convergence city that responds to population changes such as low birth rate and aging and supports vitality of local industries.Local extinction response type' Etc 2dog type medium Applying local governmentautonomous choiceand 3place Withinplan to select이다.

ㅇ This business population 100Cities under 10,000 people(Special self-governing cities, provinces, cities, counties, and districts), and selected regions 3Maximum annual government expenditure 80억원of 지원(Local ratio 1:1 matching) is planned.


③ [Dissemination of excellent solutions] Expansion of smart city solutions

Smart city solution expansion projectThe effectiveness of smart parking sharing and smart bus shelters is excellent solutionDistribute them evenly throughout the country Many people are smartcity ​​servicesExperienceThis is a project that allows you to do it.

ㅇ In the regions selected through this project, supply solutionwith local government discretionto Specialized solutionIt is possible to build and has empirical experience. of preceding local governments coaching, Professional agency consulting etc. will be supported.

ㅇ Support target: population 30Local governments with less than 10,000 people(city, county, district), and through this contest, 10Select a business site withinAnd per business site 1annual government expenditure 10 ~ 20억원of 지원(Local ratio 1:1 matching) is planned.



□「2024 Smart City Creation and Expansion Project」 329Job Opening Announcementdo.

Solution diffusion business52From 7Received byAfter evaluation by an evaluation committee composed of experts in the relevant field, 5Final selection in the monthI plan to.

Base-type and small-scale construction projects527From 29Received byAnd, after evaluation by the evaluation committee, etc. 6Final selection in the monthI plan to.


□ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Lee Sang-ju, Director of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport said,Smart city creation and expansion projectLocal governments work together with citizens and businesses to Smart city suited to regional characteristicsAs a business that creates existing cityof sustainable growth“It is necessary for,” he said.

o “citizens directlyto Experiencecan do Spread to other regionsThat can be Smart serviceHighly suggested“I hope you do it,” he said.


Meanwhile, 20242018 Smart City Creation and Expansion Project Contest Details will be available from March 3th. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport website(www.molit.go.kr) or the Smart City comprehensive portal website (www.smartcity.go.kr). Notice postedYou can check it through .


Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport