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Dari Soft, Series A 55 Billion Investment

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□ Entering the domestic and overseas markets in earnest by upgrading real-time road risk information service (RiaaS) It announced on the 55th that it had completed attracting investment. With this investment, the corporate value was evaluated at a total of 25 billion won through the existing strategic seed round and pre-series A. SBI Investment, E&Venture Partners, DA Value Investment, and Evergreen Investment Partners participated in Series A as investors. this time [...]

Visit, 360°VR camera application round pick renewal open

2022-11-30T17:11:14+09:002022.12.01|Member company activity status|

It was announced that the roundpick application of Visit Co., Ltd., which received MOLIT smart city certification, had undergone a renewal. Round Pick, which is widely known as a camera application developed by Visit, has recently upgraded its service thanks to a lot of demand and requests, and has increased the competitiveness of its camera application. Round Pick shoots and shares 360° VR in real time based on a smartphone and provides a 3D road view service. You can receive 360° VR, which you thought only experts could use, with updated real-time object information. ☞ Source: Gyeongsang Ilbo

Geovision participates in the International Security Industry Fair... Introducing AI-based video solutions

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GeoVision announced that it plans to showcase Geo Keeper (a child abuse prevention and detection summary system) at the '19 International Security Industry Exhibition' held in Songdo, Incheon from the 22th to the 2022nd. 'KOREA POLICE WORLD EXPO', which celebrated its 4th anniversary this year, is the only public safety and security industry exhibition in Korea. It provides an opportunity to experience the state-of-the-art systems and equipment of the Korean police, and is co-hosted by the National Police Agency and Incheon Metropolitan City, and the Incheon Tourism Organization and [...]

HDC Labs wins Schneider 'Modernization & Digital Service Award'

2022-11-28T09:59:00+09:002022.12.01|Member company activity status|

□ Recognized as the best partner in the field of digital modernization among 4500 Schneider partners worldwide, HDC Labs announced on the 28th that it received the Modernization & Digital Service Award from Schneider Electric, a global energy and automation specialist group. This means that Schneider has been recognized as the best partner in the field of digital and modernization among more than 4500 Schneider partners worldwide. HDC Labs has been active as the only domestic BMS master partner in the building automation control system field of Schneider Electric for 1987 years since 35. Typically [...]

Spi Lab Co., Ltd., released 'Raypan', an AI anomaly detection solution for rotating equipment

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'Spi Lab Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Hye-young)' announced on the 16th that it has newly launched 'RayPANN', a one-package rotating machine facility AI abnormality detection solution. Spilab is an Internet of Things (IoT) artificial intelligence (AI) startup. Rotating equipment such as pumps, motors, and compressors, which are key utilities in manufacturing plants, are among the important manufacturing facilities that provide the main power for factory facilities. The majority of the manufacturing industry has introduced and operated hydraulic production facilities and devices, and consists of motors (power components) and pumps (drive components). According to the company, the recent [...]

2022 Seoul Traffic Culture Award, bicycle safety educator Kim Jun-dae grand prize

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□ Received the Grand Prize at the 2022 Seoul Transportation Culture Award and the bicycle safety educator Kim Jun-dae ㅇ 2022 groups and 3 individuals were selected as the 3 Seoul Transportation Culture Award winners... Spreading transportation culture Seoul has a total of 2022 recipients of the 6 Seoul Metropolitan Transportation Culture Award winners (group) winners were selected. 'Hantech CEO Kim Byung-jun', 'Road Traffic Authority Seoul Branch', and 'Korea Urban Airport' were selected for the Excellence Award. Kim Byeong-jun (39 years old, male) is the representative of 'Hantech', a smart traffic safety company, for the first time in the country on October 2020.10.15, XNUMX, at the intersection in front of Munhyeon-cho, Songpa-gu, 'real-time right turn [...]

Zebra&Sequence Installs 'Face Recognition System' at Incheon National University Station

2022-11-01T13:25:54+09:002022.11.01|Member company activity status|

□ Zebra&Sequence Installs 'Face Recognition System' in Incheon National University Station A system that can effectively prevent subway crimes was installed on a trial basis in Incheon Subway Station. It is a system that recognizes and tracks suspects in real time when an accident occurs. It is a part of the project implemented by the Incheon Metropolitan City (Mayor Jeong-bok Yoo) and the Incheon Economic Administration and Incheon Technopark (Incheon TP). On the 27th, Incheon-based company Zebra & Sequence (CEO Dong-geun Oh) installed a system in Incheon National University Station that can identify and track the subject in real time in case of an accident or incident in the subway by applying the technology to find missing persons [... ]