Supporting domestic startups to explore overseas expansion possibilities and strengthen global competitiveness

We are announcing the recruitment of accelerators for the ‘Global Market Expansion Program (GMEP)’ as follows.

□ Application period
◦ '24.2.29 ~'24.3.22 15:XNUMX (Korean time)

□ How to apply
◦ Submit the documents via email to the relevant host organization (see Attachment 1)

□ Business purpose
◦ Support accelerator programs for start-ups wishing to enter the global market to verify their overseas expansion potential and foster competitiveness.

□ Support details
◦ Budget support for business operations, such as operating a dedicated organization, selecting and managing start-ups, and operating start-up support programs.

□ Operating period
◦ March 24 ~ November 3 (scheduled)

□ Selection scale
◦ A total of 8 institutions (planned) (recruitment by region)

□ Allotted budget
◦ Government subsidies up to 285 million won (minimum 133 million won)

□ Application Qualifications
◦ Overseas accelerator with business registration in application area
– An overseas accelerator that can plan, organize, and operate domestic and international programs in collaboration with leading organizations across all ministries.

□ Application requirements
◦ In/outbound accelerating operation track record, performance, etc.
– Must have experience supporting global expansion for start-ups in various countries within the last 3 years (21 - 23)
◦ To carry out this project, a separate dedicated organization (team, department, etc.) will be established and operated within the applicant organization.
◦ Deployment of at least two dedicated personnel during the agreement period
– This refers to personnel belonging to the applicant organization who participate 100% in this project and cannot participate in other projects.
– In principle, appoint a person who has at least 3 years of experience in starting a business (or in a business-related field) and has a high level of understanding of overall business planning and management.
◦ When operating local programs, provide space (office space, conference rooms, etc.) and other related matters for local business of start-ups.
– If a start-up company needs local office space (shared office, etc.) to achieve the purpose of this program, support must be provided within the agreement period.


▶[Attachment 1] 2024 Global Accelerating Overseas Accelerator Recruitment Notice

▶[Attachment 2] Recruitment of Overseas Accelerators for 2024 Global Market Expansion Program)

▶[Attachment 3] Business plan format (Program Plan)

▶[Attachment 4] Budget Form (Expenditure Plan)