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No. 19 (2021.07.30.)

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Smart City Policy Project  
We will create a smart city without urban problems with a regulatory sandbox

December 2021.07.22, XNUMX / MOLIT
 Approval of 7 smart services to solve urban problems
 The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport held the 14th National Smart City Committee and deliberated on smart services to solve urban problems in five regions, including Busan, Daegu, and Jeju Island, as a smart city regulatory sandbox agenda. In this committee, which was held for six days after written deliberation, 5 new projects were approved, including 6 special cases for demonstration and 6 case for no regulation. As a result, a total of 1 smart city technology and service-related regulatory difficulties were resolved within 7 months of implementation.
 If a company receives a smart city regulatory sandbox demonstration exception, it will be able to experiment with innovative services in the region for a demonstration period of less than 4 years according to the approved business plan, regardless of related regulations. The approved smart city regulatory sandbox tasks improve the system that was limited to only five smart regulatory innovation districts, such as the National Pilot Smart City (Sejong and Busan).('This is the first approval case since the implementation of the amendment of the Smart City Act on 21.6.17) and the regional scope was expanded nationwide. 
1. Transportation and location information analysis platform based on transportation card data: special case of demonstration

 A transportation big data platform that analyzes the optimal bus route centering on public transportation users, connects public transportation with personal mobility, and analyzes local commercial areas using traffic information.
2. Smart hub-based energy sharing. Transaction service: Demonstration exception
 'Smart community town and smart hub-based energy sharing and transaction service' to solve the problem of insufficiency of new and renewable energy in Jeju Island and to promote shared mobility centered on electric vehicles
3. Demonstration of smart water purifying technology for 3 minutes applying a fiber filter: no regulation
 Demonstration of technology to produce edible water in about 3 minutes by injecting coagulant into raw water such as river water and treating it with a fiber filter after instant coagulation
4. AI Traffic Light Using Image Recognition: Demonstration Special Case
Demonstration of an AI traffic light system that generates signals suitable for traffic volume by detecting vehicles at intersections and pedestrians in crosswalks in real time based on image recognition
5. Drone-based flood prediction and situation propagation system: special case of demonstration
Demonstration of a service that predicts and informs flooding before disaster situations such as heavy rain or floods occur by building a 3D numerical surface model with data taken by flying a drone and fusion of meteorological satellite and radar data
6-7. Demand Response Mobility Service: Demonstration Special Case
Demonstrated in each region (Sejong City, 6. Daegu) to determine the optimal route in real time according to user demand and to expand and apply demand-responsive mobility services that operate flexibly
Smart City Special
Can you identify the movement of corona patients in 10 minutes? 

2021. December 07.22, XNUMX / MOLIT

 How do you know the movement lines of the confirmed cases on your smartphone? In the past, in order to check the movement, the process was carried out by asking the person directly, checking it again through the relevant agency, and tracking the movement using CCTV.
 Accordingly, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport and the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention developed a “corona 19 epidemiological investigation support system” using a smart city data hub. A smart city data hub refers to a technology that connects distributed information such as location and credit card usage history to a mobile phone based on 5G. As part of the Korean version of the New Deal smart city policy, this technology was developed to solve urban problems and make life more convenient for citizens. Based on this technology, the “COVID-19 Epidemiological Investigation Support System” collects big data to check the movement of confirmed patients in 10 minutes and quickly share information.
One year of the Korean version of the New Deal, changes in daily life brought about by smart city technology
December 2021.06.15, XNUMX / MOLIT
 Let's take a look at how smart city technologies have changed people's daily lives one year after the announcement of the 「Korean New Deal Comprehensive Plan」.
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[Sejong] Smart city leading innovative technology
[Bucheon] Pleasant and convenient smart life city
[Daejeon] Smart Changes in Traditional Markets
[Busan] imagination becomes reality Smart city 
national pilot smart city
[Anyang] keeping citizens safe tight 
Smart city safety net
[Gangneung] A smart tourism city that revitalizes alleyways
One year of the Korean version of the New Deal, the road scene has changed so much!
December 2021.07.16, XNUMX / MOLIT
 It is the 1st anniversary of the implementation of the Korean version of the New Deal project. Let's take a look at how our road scene has changed after the introduction of slope IoT, tunnel remote system, and C-ITS.

Smart City Policy Trend

MOLIT launches thrifty transportation card-Bucheon Smart City Pass link service

December 2021.07.28, XNUMX / MOLIT

 The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Metropolitan Area Transportation Committee has announced that Bucheon citizens in Gyeonggi-do can use the 'Smart City Pass' issued by Bucheon City in conjunction with MOLIT's thrifty transportation card function to reduce public transportation costs by up to 30% from July 50th. He said that savings could be made.
Bucheon City's sharing economy platform 'Smart City Pass' was selected for the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport smart city challenge project (
'20.2) and has been promoted as part of the smart city construction project.
Bucheon City’s CityPass mileage support project 
'After the pilot project from July 21, 30 to December, '21 'It will be implemented in earnest from the 22nd.

Sejong City and Hancom Group join forces to create a smart city

 2021. 07.28. / Sejong City


 Sejong Special Self-Governing City and Hangeul and Computer Group will join forces to create a smart city based on the technology of the 4th industrial revolution. The city signed a business agreement with Hancom Group for the creation of a Sejong-type smart city on the 26th. With this agreement, Hancom Group will apply various solutions such as artificial intelligence, mobility, drones, and space/aircraft owned by the group companies to Sejong City to help build a differentiated smart city. The city plans to provide administrative support so that the Hancom Group can create results through demonstrations in the drone special free zone and autonomous vehicle pilot operation zone.

Drone Team Gyeongnam Hosts Demonstration of Drone Demonstration City Construction Project in 2021

2021.07.27. / Gyeongnam-do

 On the 27th, Gyeongsangnam-do held a demonstration of the 2021 Gyeongnam drone demonstration city construction project at the Goseong drone flight test site located in Donghae-myeon, Goseong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do. At the event, landslide prediction, future urban air traffic (uam) route development, smart parking using tethered drones, and Jalan Bay ecology using hyperspectral imaging equipment and EO cameras among 5 projects to be demonstrated through the drone city demonstration construction project Environmental monitoring, analysis of oil spill at Madong Lake stranded and Demonstration of the structure of the victim was successfully carried out. ‘Drone Team Gyeongnam’, which consists of 10 organizations and companies that participated in the drone demonstration city construction project, has conducted long-distance drone logistics delivery demonstration and future downtown Start pioneering flight routes in preparation for the era of air traffic.

'Carbon-neutral' Jeju opens a way to share and trade personal energy

2021.07.27. / Jeju Island
 The private sector in Jeju-do has opened a way to share renewable energy directly and freely trade between individuals. According to the province, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport held the 22th National Smart City Committee on the 14nd and proposed the 'Smart Community Town and Smart Hub-based Energy Sharing and Transaction Service' project as a smart city regulation sandbox agenda. finally approved. Accordingly, the project of energy sharing service, which is the main content of the Jeju Smart City Challenge main project selected last March, is promotedThis is also possible within the Jeju area.
 Through this regulatory sandbox, we will demonstrate energy sharing and transaction services centered on energy community town-type smart hubs, reuse of electric vehicle waste batteries, mobile energy storage system (ESS) utilization services, and 100% renewable energy circulation (RE100) utilization services. plan.
Smart City News
2021 World Smart City Expo

  • Date / Venue: September 2021 (Wed), 8 ~ September 2021 (Fri), 10 / KINTEX Exhibition Hall 1
  • Host / Organizer : Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, Ministry of Science and ICT / LH, K water, KINTEX
  • Exhibits: Digital Twin, Digital SOC, Smart Infrastructure, Smart Energy, Smart Government, Smart Mobility, Smart Building, Smart Service, Smart Sensor
「Smart City Next Innovation Technology Demonstration Project」 Public Announcement
  • Amount of support: A total of 4 million won for 8 technologies
  • Business period:  About 7 months (2021.11~2022.5)
  • Applicant: Private companies with innovative technologies and products related to smart city or by forming a consortium with customers to apply
  • Submission period: 2021.8.30 (Mon) 〜 9.1 (Wed) 18:00
  • Online briefing session: 2021.8.5.(Thu) 14:00
Smart City Literature
Legal considerations for rational big data-based smart city implementation

Junbok Lee
Kangwon National University Comparative Law Research Institute Kangwon Law No.63 (2021.05.) pp.309-350 / 044-417-9668